Ghetto House Legend Parris Mitchell Gets Reissue Backed by Bok Bok Remixes

by Nick Deas


                      In quick succession of the reissue of Parris Mitchell Projects’s seminal Dance Mania record “Life in the Underground” by Crosstalk International, the underground ghetto legend is due for a second re-release – this time via Ukrainian label Wicked Bass.  First released in 1995, “All Night Long” will be backed up by two remixes from Night Slugs head honcho Bok Bok, as well as new cut from Mitchell “Bounce”. Bok Bok’s reworking of Mitchell seems like a collaboration which was waiting to happen; Night Slugs having long echoed the earlier sounds of classic Dance Mania with added hyper-futuristic edge.

All Night Long EP w/Bok Bok remixes is set for release next month. Stream a preview of the record below.