FREE DOWNLOAD – Onoe Caponoe New LP

by Joe Burns

Everyone loves free music. And no one can particularly argue with some free hip-hop.

Released on Audio Doughnuts, an independent London based label, “Willows Midnight Gallery” is the new LP by London-based rapper Onoe Caponoe, a grime english eccentric. Eccentric being a suitable word, as seen through this extract from his Facebook post ‘Donnie DarkONOE official video’, “OMGGGGGGG THIS 1 GOES OUT TO UUUUUU DONNIEDARKO CREWWWWW!!!!! INSIDE WIDA ONES N TWOOOSSSSSS!!!!!! A COME LIKE LEMON ANA COME LIKE LIME!! INSIDEE!!!!! WARMN N EAZY COOL N BREEEZY%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%”. Although, this outlandish style seems to sit well with his music, as “Willows Midnight Gallery” is an example of british grime at its greatest. The blurry reverbs and echoes, slow hi-hat patter, and Onoe’s rhymes combined create a trippy cocktail which is probably best listened to on the 6am walk of shame. Watch out for those B-movie samples.

You can download the album for free here.
You can catch up with some more Onoe Caponoe here.
And grab another FREE download below. Generous huh?

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