Download a new track from the mysterious Captain Murphy

by Nick Deas


          The enigmatic rapper first figured on our radar when he appeared alongside Earl Sweatshirt and Flying Lotus on “Between Friends” in Adult Swim’s single series and, identity still unknown, has gone on to hijack TNGHT beats and tease us with vulgarly titled Madvillain-esqe singles. Although Murphy’s identity is still unknown, rumours of just who he may be have been as wide spread as the alias of Odd Future’s Tyler the Creator, the rapping pseudonym of Flying Lotus himself and even Tyler, FlyLo and Earl Sweatshirt all rapping together piched down (or up).

          Now, courtesy of FlyLo’s Brainfeeder outlet, the internet myth has released yet another single – this time in the form of the Quasimoto-alike “Immaculation”, which features label associates Jeremiah Jae and Azizi Gibson. What with the production being as immaculate as ever, and the rhymes as clever as they are effortless, we don’t think that it’s unfair to say that Captain Murphy is a breath of fresh air in the sometimes murky world of Hip-Hop (that’s right Trap, we’re looking at you).

Download the single here. A Captain Murphy mixtape, entitled “Duality”, is to be released on Nov 15th. Keep ‘em peeled.