Jack Dice – Block Motel EP

by Joe Burns

Jack Dice‘s ‘Block Motel’ EP is an interesting recent release from Manchester label modernlove, making a change from their usual techno releases.

John Twells and Walker Chambliss are the two men behind the influences of 90’s Southern rap and Analogue bass found in the debut EP from the duo. Twells, A Manchester born DJ, has been producing for over 15 years. He has worked under the alias of Xela, who has produced some unbelievable electronic music which you would do well checking out here. He is also the owner of the American label Type. Chambliss is the manager of Main Attrakionz. He is also a prolific DJ and has been performing with Main Attrakionz as “Green Ova DJ”.

Listen to all 4 tracks below and if you like what you hear then click the link to buy: